LGSG Membership

Membership will be confined to Pakistani nationals and selected foreigners of diplomatic missions after necessary security clearance.

Categories of Membership

Permanent Membership

  1. Serving Armed Forces Personnel.
  2. Retired Armed Forces Personnel.
  3. Civilians.
  4. Civilian Gazetted Officers.

Temporary Membership

Temporary membership will be awarded to selected members having temporary stay at Lahore due to their professional commitments / obligations. Following will be considered for temporary membership:-

  1. Serving Armed Forces Officers.
  2. Foreigners

Honorary Membership

Shooters recognized at national / International level for their contribution may be given honorary membership. Olympians, participants of commonwealth / Asian games & regional / national games (record holders) may be considered for honorary membership. The management committee will receive applications for honorary membership and after complete scrutiny and vetting; the names of proposed / recommended candidates will be presented in governing body meeting for final approval.

The period of honorary membership may be decided on case to case basis and the honorary members will be exempted from paying membership fees and monthly subscriptions, however all other range and allied charges will be applicable. However, founding members who have contributed in development of shooting gallery will be considered as an exception for honorary membership.

Corporate Membership

Corporate membership can be given to selected appointments of organizations of repute, making contributions towards the uplift of the shooting gallery / sponsoring activities or tournaments finances on regular basis as under:-

  1. Sponsorship Rupees 2 Million - For 1 year.
  2. Sponsorship Rupees 3 Million - For 2 years.
  3. Corporate memberships shall be granted only to the renowned companies.
  4. Companies interested in a corporate membership may apply for such membership to the management committee through the Secretary.
  5. Applications for corporate membership shall include particulars of the company and terms sought by the company for its corporate membership.
  6. Corporate memberships shall be governed by terms determined by the governing body when granted each such membership and on payment of such fee or fees as may be determined by the governing body for grant of each such corporate membership.
  7. A corporate membership may be granted by the governing body for a fixed period of time.

Associate Membership

Associate membership can be given to the members of other shooting clubs on reciprocal basis only. Members of affiliated clubs will be allowed to use the shooting gallery for a period as per the reciprocating terms of the affiliated club and on production of an introductory card from the parent club. A visiting member shall be allowed to use the facilities of the shooting range as may be directed by the management committee from time to time. A visiting member must pay for any service used in cash at the time of such usage.

Absentee Membership

If a member is leaving the station temporarily and will not avail the facilities of the shooting gallery for more than three months, he can be given 30% concession in the payment of his monthly subscriptions. Under such conditions he will give a clear one-month notice to the club before his planned departure / absentee membership to be effective. Temporary members can’t be granted absentee membership.

Membership for Foreigners

Selected foreigners employed at diplomatic missions would be given only temporary membership after security clearance from relevant authorities.

Co-opted Members

An experienced shooter(s) who can render advice to the Governing Body on required basis. However these member(s) will be incorporated at a later stage, after making shooting club fully operational. Co-opted members can be selected on rotation basis from existing members.