LGSG Objectives

  • To provide healthy recreational and sports facilities to the civilians, Serving / Retired Officers of the Armed Forces, Civil Gazetted Officers and their families.
  • To encourage, promote, popularize and patronize the sport of target shooting and competitive marksmanship.
  • To organize and hold shooting championships, shooting competitions and target / coaching activities on regular basis.
  • To patronize long range shooting in the country and provide a platform where long range skills of Armed Forces may benefit from civil talent.
  • To associate with and acquire affiliation with the national shooting sports regulating organizations at the national and international levels, to become part of the mainstream shooting sports activity and provide its members access to national and international shooting competitions and championships.
  • To selected and train teams to take part in the national and international shooting events.
  • To apply for and obtain arms licenses or permits from authorized authorities for the import and storage of firearms, ammo or other shooting equipment and accessories. Also acquire hunting permits for members (including Registered Members) or facilitate them in getting the same in the entire Pakistan as well as abroad.
  • To patronize sport of hunting and trophy hunting inculcating adventurous spirit, sportsmanship and conservation of wild life and natural resources. Patronize hunting with gun, tackle and bow. Patience learnt in chase (especially archery) will help Military professionals.
  • To register hunters which will entitle them certain privileges (like access to LGSG outlets, platform to apply for and get trophy hunting permits in Pak etc) which can be provided as and when possible.